What is it?

The Mirror Project is a new platform for all those who believe that we are under attack from a new form of tyranny. It is a place to collect and present evidence, give whistleblowers a voice, organise resistance, and educate others.


The Mirror Project has been building a solid following despite the extreme censorship and harassment we have already experienced.


As well as producing an ongoing documentary series designed to spread the word and present facts to the public, we are aiming to develop an interactive, multi-layered map based on the World Economic Forum’s COVID-19 response maps. In this way, we hope to expose the way in which the “pandemic” response will reach into every area of human activity on a global scale - but also counter the mainstream narrative so that the public can understand the real threat we currently face. 


In each category of the interactive map, we will have sections for Verified Experts to present data and scientific studies, as well as sections for Videos and Whistleblowers. Members of the public will be able to submit links in the Public section of each category of the map, so that all this research can be brought together into one unique, uncensored resource.


Think of it like a puzzle: we all hold different, fragmented pieces of the picture. But when we combine our fragmented knowledge into one place, a clearer image starts to form for everyone to see. When we add experts in each relevant field, contributions and data from independent researchers, and forums and chatrooms for like-minded people to connect and organise, the final pieces start to fall into place.


Only when we can all see the threat clearly can we act in our own defence - and that of humanity as a whole.


Now is the time to work together and expose what is happening, before it’s too late. Join us.

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