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Blockchain Platform

The Mirror Project is a new nonprofit initiative with the mission of developing a singular anti-propaganda repository, incentivising investigative journalists, whistleblowers & field-specific experts to identify media propaganda and subsequently contribute to a growing body of unbiased & impartial information which, in the aggregate and by design, is structured to uncover & communicate The Truth.


This platform is self-regulated/governed and uses the vanguard of tech and finance to democratise a safe haven where individuals can speak freely, submit their assertion and proof(s), and ultimately the proof that best explains the social, economic & cultural phenomenon will rise to the top.


To organise the dialogue, we are developing an interactive map based on the World Economic Forum’s response maps.


This is to counter government and corporate media, and give the public a place to investigate issues in a trusted environment with verified sources . 


In each category of the map, we will have a section for verified experts on the blockchain to present data and scientific studies, and a section for verified journalists to publish their articles and investigative work.


Think of it like a puzzle: we all hold different, fragmented pieces of the picture. But when we combine our fragmented knowledge into one place, a clearer image starts to form for everyone to see.


The Model:


To achieve a sustainable independent financial model, all community members will have monthly subscription which will give them a number of (MP) tokens, in a token-curated registry model. 


Tokens provide members with a say and share in the project’s operations, and long-term evolution.

The tokens will allow members to vote for articles, this way the community will self regulated itself.

The tokens will also be used to tip journalists and articles, to encourage more investigative journalism, which we greatly lack nowadays.


It’s the token element that enables The Mirror Project to eliminate the middlemen — third-party publishers, advertisers — from the equation while maintaining a reliable, secure model.


All transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Ethereum is essentially a gigantic network of independent computers, which all have access to a master ledger that permanently records these token transactions.


This means that information is stored by the public, not concentrated on a single server controlled by Amazon, Facebook or Google, and thus nearly impossible to alter.


Good journalism and profits do not always go well together, and in these times, we are more divided than ever, and confusion is reaching every aspect of our lives.

The need for a trusted source of information has never been greater.

A source far from the extreme versions we have now, the mainstream propaganda on one end, and misinformation on the other.

We are looking for blockchain developers and coders to collaborate with on this project, if you are interested in helping out please email us on: info@mp-22.com

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If you prefer to use a cryptocurrency other than BTC please email us info@mp-22.com and we will send the corresponding wallet address


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