Stop Coronavirus Act 2020


Surely there's at least a million of us in the uk?

The first petition was taken down after collecting 10,000 in just over 24 hours.

They did not even give any reason beyond

"It violates our community Guidlines"

Bombard your MPs, let them know that this time they will be held accountable.

One of our members informed us there is a petition online submitted previously by someone we do not know or have any connection with, however it's for the same cause.

Lets get over a 100,000 before the 26.09.2020 so it can be discussed

at parliament.

Make this video go viral to raise awareness, before it's taken down, please.

Cancelled First petition video

On the 26.09.2020 the Coronavirus act HL Bill 110 C7 - would have been in place for 6 months.

By law it will be discussed at the House of Commons for 7 days.

You can read it for yourself here.

This is our chance to stop this law, everyone need to write to their MP's asking for the Coronavirus act to be suspended and sign the petition to UK Parliament.

They are not expecting us to get 100K in 10 days, lets prove them wrong.

Here is a template letter to your MP, download and feel free to edit as you like.

A template letter to your MP - Word / Win

A template letter to your MP - Pages / Mac

Important Note

Many people have informed us, when the click on the petition link, it comes up with a message saying "Error 420 / Petition not found"

We have no idea why, the link is perfectly fine and many are signing, but it seems to be an issue for some.

Please keep trying, the petition is still there.


This is what happens when we tried to send the petition link to the government's website.

The email campaign to our site members gets blocked.

Please share widely as we are running out of options when it comes to promoting it.

We need your help.

Help us fight back

Our site is constantly under attack, we need your help to move to more secure platform asap as we could be taken down any minute.

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