Let's focus on one issue at a time to create real damage to the illusion.

Currently our efforts are too fragmented. The war is psychological, and this works the other way around too.

Anyone witnessing in wrong doing related to this topic, send us any proof as we are looking to combine hard evidence.

There are plenty of good honest doctors that we need to reach and encourage to speak out, we gave up on politicians and we can not reach them, but we healthcare professional live among us and can be influenced to say the truth.

The more people are aware the more protection people that speak out will have and in turn it will encourage others to come forward.

Be persistent, don't just share and forget about it, we are all being shadow banned on social media, so we need to work much harder.


let's bombard them!

 Courage is contagious.

When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.






Share material exposing hospitals systematic wrong doing on all platforms.



Write to your local authority or parliament requesting investigation in hospital practise and new COVID policies.


Form local groups to speak to the families of recently the deceased in hospitals to ask for investigations, and autopsies.  


Exert pressure on the medical industry to speak out,