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The old journalism model no longer serves us.

The journalism industry is in crisis. “Good journalism” and “making money” are no longer synonymous. Publishers, confronted with the harsh business realities of the digital age, cannot rely on ad revenue to sustain them as it did during print journalism’s reign.

Today, just five corporations control more than 90 percent of American media outlets — a phenomenon that’s similarly playing out around the world. That the vast majority of media outlets are controlled by a microscopic concentration of elites and their respective interests is beyond alarming. 


Journalism is increasingly becoming more of a profit vehicle than a pillar of democracy. 


 Public trust in media is, at an all time low. This toxic media environment comes at a time when we as a society are more divided than ever before. 


A growing number of journalism outlets have mirrored this trend. Instead of being an objective voice that rallies us around the facts, many are opting to pander to polar extremes at either end of the political spectrum with sensationalist headlines designed to maximize page views.


This model is the antithesis of good journalism, but it works. People like echo chambers; they’re generally more interested in finding stories that confirm existing beliefs than seeking out alternative perspectives (a problem that social media is making worse). 


It’s an extremely dangerous precedent for an industry intended to be civil society’s bulwark against governmental overreach and corruption; it marks a threat to not only journalism, but democracy itself. 


Hard-hitting investigative stories that expose mass corruption, which can take months to report, simply don’t pay the bills as they once did. Few publications can afford to produce such content anymore.


We working on a new blockchain journalism project, where we can have a space for good journalism 


A community that it regulates itself, decentralized network of independent journalists and filmmakers, supported by the Mirror Project.

The mission is to advance trust and sustainability for journalism worldwide.

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