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We need you to make this happen, we all had enough, and it's time to act.

Become a Founding Member of the resistance movement.

Unfortunately we wanted Youtube to pay as much as possible towards our platform.

However they have informed us that we weren't accepted to monetise our

Youtube channel.


This means we have no other means of income to fund the platform.


We need all your help, start by sharing and subscribing, and if you can donate, please do, it will make a big difference, if you can't that's ok!  

Do what you can, even if it's just being brave and speaking the truth at these critical times.

Spreading the word and educating others is the most important thing, we keep being chased out of all social media platforms, thats why if you made it to this page, if you believe in this project for all of us, you have a responsibility to act.

From our side we will continue to work hard to produce the documentary series to discuss the map and educate people.

 We will broadcast on this site and YouTube to get the word out to as many people as possible.

This is a non-profit platform.

Profits and truth do not always go together..

We need to collect evidence, organise, and take action.

Sharing videos won't cut it anymore, we are under attack.

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USD $100,000 

Phase one of the project will be setting up the secure servers, and that is the biggest-cost, as we would have to rely on extra secure servers to avoid attempts to take us down.

This phase will include the creation of the platforms and the architecture of the map.

 It will include the segment to share documents, studies, lectures, and chat rooms and forums to discuss various topics.


USD $100,000

This phase will be the most important and most expensive, which the video channel, which the best way to describe it, is an uncensored YouTube and a video database for documentaries and safe haven for filmmakers.

There will also be the incorporation of the whistleblowers section to the platform, and introduce extra security and staff to manage the project + Expert verifications, and to general keep it un-compromised.

We are also seeking influencers and high profile people that believe in the project to help with the exposure of the campaign.

We are building a data centre with the clear objective of keeping it safe from mass surveillance and isolated from third-party meddling. These servers feature 256-bit AES encryption.  Local legislation doesn’t enforce data gathering or other mass surveillance tactics, so we can guarantee our NO-LOGS policy. This is your warranty against spying or recording your activities.  Independently operated at the highest security standards. 

Our NoSpy data center includes a significant number of servers dedicated for torrenting, so you can ensure that your downloads are safe and anonymous.

Even the slightest interruption in the encryption channel triggers the killswitch, which automatically disconnects you from the Internet, ensuring your anonymity is never compromised. 

Be part of this moment in history and be a part of the Mirror Project.

  1. All money raised will solely be used to fund the Mirror Project initiative

  2. The Mirror Project is a worldwide non-profit project based in the UK.

  3. All money raised will be deposited into a dedicated, audited account

  4. We do not make any money from Youtube or the sale of any merchandise.

Total donated so far..



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